Wykco Flexibles Services

Wykco Flexibles produces packaging materials for a host of industries including food, industrial, automotive, retail and services. High levels of quality control ensure products of incredibly high standards and traceability allowing the end-user to establish the packaging origin. Wykco Flexibles has been producing packaging materials for the fruit industry since 2009 and products include plain bags for packaging and exporting of apples and pears, and printed packaging for local markets in South Africa. Packaging bags for stone fruit, vegetables, poultry, confectionary and a large variety of food-related products are also produced.


Wykco Flexibles produces plastic tubing and sheeting varying in width, from 180mm to 2.5m, and thickness, from 17 micron to 200 micron, and generally being manufactured to client specifications. A range of stock items are also available. A range of virgin raw materials and recycled materials are used in production and state of the art extrusion equipment is used to ensure proper gauge and size controls.

Bag making

Bottom, side and slit seal bags are produced at Wykco Flexibles, with bag makers also producing tear off bags, micro perforated and punched products. Boutique-style bags including punch-out handles are also available for production. Wykco Flexibles’ versatility allows a range of customer requirements to be met.

Printing & Slitting

Wykco Flexibles has both stack and CI presses and is able to print up to eight colours. European printing presses and world-class stereo manufacturers with modern technology allows them to ensure that only the highest quality is printed at all times. Printed rolls are also made and slit to size for the form, fill and seal application, with BOPP also being printed and slit.