Reliable goods delivery. Reliable service delivery


Since we started transporting paper products in 1992, our business has grown considerably year on year, and we now provide all kinds of specialised transport solutions for a wide variety of sectors.

Our investment in an up-to-date and well-maintained fleet, together with all the latest complementary tools and machinery, means that we are able to provide cutting-edge solutions with pinpoint accuracy and perfect reliability.

We have also invested in the very latest tracking and communications technology, and have trained and developed a formidable team of specialists that now lead the way in the logistics game.

Part of our commitment to our clients includes the pursuit of a perfectly ethical and law-abiding ethos across the organization – which overrides all short-term considerations.

To sustain this high ground requires a solid team of players in constant communication with one another – both vertically and horizontally in our organisation – with our customers’ interest as our primary drivers.
Through our proactive communication and follow-up protocols, we effectively free up our customers’ internal distribution department to focus their efforts elsewhere, comfortable in the knowledge that all is well on our side.

Whether you’re looking for a local or a national solution, you’re in trusted hands with Wykco Logistics.

We look forward to your call, and being of service – no matter how extraordinary or challenging your request.