Wykco Recycling currently collects various materials for recycling from a wide range of businesses and organisations, including printers, manufacturers, office blocks, office parks, shopping centres, and independent recyclers.

Our aim is to make the recycling and removal of plastic, cardboard, newspaper, magazines as user-friendly and streamlined as possible. We are constantly investigating novel ways to foster a recycling culture among our clients, their employees, and the country as a whole. If you are interested in finding out how Wykco Recycling can help your business or organisation, click here and a consultant will be in touch.

Tracking & Reporting

As a valued client and supplier, you will be able to securely access our website portal where you can view all your collection transactions – who dispatched it, what time it was collected, and when it arrived at our recycling plant. You will also be able to see what volume was collected – by type and grade – in a unique report created for your business. On the portal you can even see your carbon footprint offset, or request a collection.

On Site Management

Wykco Recycling has fully trained staff available to be placed at your site to maximise the amount of recycling done, and to ensure your waste areas are immaculately maintained.

Waste Minimisation & Reduction

Wykco Recycling will send a specialist to survey your operation and advise you on the most effective ways to either reduce, re-use, recover or recycle your waste materials.