Wingspan is the second largest plastic recycler


There are seven varieties of plastic that can all be recycled in different ways, and Wingspan accepts and recycles them all. (Nearly all plastic packaging carries one of the seven plastic recycling logos for identification.)

We collect the platics, sort them accurately, clean them thoroughly, and then transform them into re-usable polythene tablets in three different colours – black, smokey and clear.

We provide a collection and delivery service for polyethylene pellets and scrap square pic 04film material, as well as a buy in centre for these materials conveniently located at the processing plant. With our advanced technology we are able to co-ordinate and facilitate large orders of extrusion grade material at a competitive price.

As a result of the cutting edge machinery and foolproof quality controls we have in place, we are able to offer the highest quality product with unmatched service levels.

Our proactive systems, and dynamic communications and monitoring strategies mean that the last thing our customers will ever have to worry about is their recycling square pic 05component. Our national track record of reliability in the industry speaks for itself.

Recycling is becoming an important part of modern day life, and we are excited about playing a pivotal role in a greener future.